Our store has been voted as TOP CHOICE 2015


Najveći kineski turistički portal Lianorg.com dodijelio je našoj umjetničkoj radionici nagradu Top Choice za 2015. godinu u kategoriji Shoping.

Due to its popularity, your store has been voted as “TOP CHOICE 2015” Your unique handcrafts and products along with your friendly service have received positive reviews by our judges and Asian visitors leading to the successful qualification in our “TOP CHOICE” ranking system. Your information will be promoted through our media In forms of network, video, books and tourist guide.
The “TOP CHOICE” ranking system includes four independent evaluation categories: stores, tourist attractions, restaurants and hotels. A unique medal is designed for each category and is awarded once a year. Every year all qualified medalists already selected in the previous year are re-evaluated, and will be added to the new qualified candidates of this year. With the present letter we are honored to announce that you have been award d the “2015 TOP CHOICE” medal.

Top choice 2015

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